Day 192 Post Radiation/Chemotherapy Treatments. (297 days since near-total glossectomy to remove tongue cancer) 👅

Woo Hoo! No More Feeding Tube.

Tony’s weight has remained between 157 and 164 pounds during the last month without using the feeding tube, so it was time.

Dr. Monroe says the CT scan looks good. When Tony shared how cold he gets now, Dr. Monroe ordered a blood test to check the Thyroid. Getting cold is common after treatments and weight loss. This is a little early after treatment to see a decline in Thyroid function, but no harm in checking.

Dr. Monroe was pleased to hear that Tony has already resumed a pre-surgery work schedule. The area where the bone is exposed along the gum line shows good signs of healing and the back of the tongue looks great.

We met with the speech therapist. She gave Tony some tips for improving the way the speech projects from his mouth so that it isn’t so muffled. This was our last visit with her unless something changes and her help is required.

Our next follow-up appointment with Dr. Monroe is at the end of June.


Tony at In and Out
We celebrated by going to In-N-Out in Centerville for lunch. (It was our first time there, and we enjoyed it!)

Debra Scoresby Palmer