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4th of July 2017 with Family

Our 4th of July was low key. I think Tony and I were still recovering from our quick trip to Salt Lake City the day before. Tony slept in late, caught up on some Facebook and puttered around the house. It was good to relax.

It has become a tradition for William, (our eldest son) and his wife, Rebecca, to host a 4th of July barbecue at their house for our family and some of their close friends.

Our son Will at the grill, his wife Becca and their friend, Carl.

Tony quietly tested a lot of the foods to see what he could manage. He had a hamburger without the bun and tried some pasta salads. Later, I saw him nibbling on a hot dog without the bun. I tend to get excited when I see Tony eating. He shakes his head at me. Eating takes a lot of time and effort not to mention how frustrating it is for him that he can’t just eat whatever he wants like the rest of us.

Tony having a conversation with friends. Our grandson Charlie in the foreground. Tony carries a washcloth hankie where ever he goes. Sometimes it is for catching drool from the over-production of saliva or for coughing up mucus that he hasn’t been successful at swallowing down. I admire Tony so much for putting himself out there in these social activities. (I fear I would become a recluse if it were me going through this!) Tony is quick to point out how kind and understanding people are when he explains his story.

Our granddaughter Sophie and our youngest daughter, Emily.

Daughters Josie and Jacque and our youngest granddaughter, Luci.

Our son, Spencer, far right, with his friends Karl and Donald.


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Day 101 Post Chemotherapy/Radiation Treatments

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  1. Hi, Debra. What a lovely day spent with all your family, you are truly blessed.
    Hello to you too Tony. ^_^

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