When your spouse wakes you up from a deep sleep before the butt-crack of dawn because he is bleeding from the mouth and can’t tell where the blood is coming from…

(He got the bleeding to stop after about 20 minutes of coughing and flushing his mouth with cold water.)

…so you call the after hours ENT doctor who tells you to come into clinic…

…and you hop in the car, drive three hours to the Huntsman to find out…

It was a simple, bloody nose!

We are so relieved! The peace of mind was worth the six hours we will spend on the road today.

The doctor scoped his nose and throat and found the area in the nasal passage that had caused all the trouble. None of the blood came out of his nose, it all went down his throat and settled there. Because of the difficulty swallowing and being a ‘silent aspirator,’ it took a while for him to cough it all up.

The bonus was seeing how excellently the flap and throat are healing!

They are prescribing an ointment to swab inside the nose and a nasal spray. We have already been using a humidifier in our bedroom.

Now if I can just get the adrenaline that is coursing through my veins to settle down. Ha ha