Day 6… (Five days post surgery). Today our Rock Star took over the terrace. He did some stairs and enjoyed the sunshine.

Terrace Stairs at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City, UT

 The trach tube is gone! The opening is covered with a piece of gauze and a little button adhesive guides his finger to the spot to push on when he talks. It will seal up on its own over the next few days.

Last night the mucous was much easier to manage than previous nights. The nurse worked with us on the formula feedings and he finished them by 8 pm. He woke up hungry. 👍 We will probably be managing the administration of formula and fluids by the end of the day since the PEG is going to be part of our lives for a while.

Once rounds were over this morning and Tony had “eaten,” we both climbed back in bed. It felt so good to get a couple of uninterrupted hours of sleep!

A couple of brothers and sisters from our church (LDS) came to give us a spiritual thought and administered the sacrament for me.

With tomorrow being Memorial Day, we get a bonus day of healing in the hospital. As soon as radiology is open, a swallow test will be done. They will look under contrast with an ultrasound to see if everything is sealed properly and to make sure he isn’t going to have food and drink going into the airway when he swallows.

It will still be a few days before pathology on the tongue comes back. What they find there will determine what, if any, chemotherapy will be necessary – in addition to the radiation.

We are so grateful for all the service and prayers that are being offered on our behalf. We read every comment and word of encouragement you give. They bring us great comfort and shore us up for the long journey ahead.