Day 4. Completely unplugged and determined for his walk this morning. He did two laps around the ward. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Tony had a rough time last evening. After four cans of nutrition his stomach got angry and he had acid reflux and nausea. Stopping nutrition is not an option, so it had to be controlled with meds and going back to a slower, continuous feeding to get the other four cans administered within the time goal. This is not an unusual occurrence, but still uncomfortable and frustrating.

The worst part of a head and neck surgery is the mucous. We take for granted how easily we can move saliva and nasal discharge around from our nose, mouth and throat. Suctioning the trach causes irritation, so Tony has done pretty well managing it by coughing and using a suction wand called a Yonker which is similar to what we see in the dentist’s office. Last night was especially difficult and it took him a while to get comfortable.

Tony is sporting a necklace of stitches from ear to ear in the fold of his neck above the trach tube. The drainage tube on the left side was removed this morning.

I am cracking up. 😂 I stepped out to get some milk for my superfoods shake and when I came back Mr. Charming was watching Food Network. Talk about positive thinking! Ha ha

The speech therapist stopped by today and delivered a huge dose of hope. She has a lot of experience working with total glossectomy cases. Tony is in very good hands. The future looks bright! ☀️

I can walk and chew gum, but walk and take a selfie, not so much. Ha ha